Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions apply to lettings of serviced accommodation by
Hanana Homes Limited: The Agency acts as agent for the owners of the House. The
Terms and Conditions form the basis of your contract with the Agency so please read them
carefully before making a reservation.

  1. Definitions
    “Booking Confirmation” means the confirmation of booking provided to the Customer when a
    booking has been accepted;
    “Booking Deposit” the % of payment due on booking as agreed;
    “Booking Form” means the accommodation booking form completed by the Customer;
    “Customer” means the person booking holiday accommodation;
    “End Date” means the last day of the Rental Period;
    “Inventory” means the inventory of fixtures furniture and effects at the Property a copy of
    which is kept at the Property;
    “Property” means the house (and garden, if any) identified in the Booking Form together with
    the fixtures furniture and effects specified in the Inventory;
    “Rent” means the rent specified in the Booking Form;
    “Rental Period” means the rental period specified in the Booking Form;
    “Start Date” means the first day of the Rental Period.
  2. Booking and Payment of Booking Deposit
    2.1 A booking is made by confirming you agree to the terms and conditions of the
    short term let and sending your name, address and mobile phone number in a private
    message page or via email, if these are not already confirmed through the online
    travel agent.
    2.2 The Customer must pay the Booking cost, as agreed, using BACS or the link sent
    via text to secure the booking.
    2.3 Once the Agency has received the Booking and Payment, the Customer will
    receive the Booking Confirmation with details of the directions to the property and
    how to collect the keys. At this point a binding contract exists.
  3. Payment of Balance Due
    3.1 The Customer must pay the balance due to the Agency at least 8 weeks before the
    Start Date or earlier if booked less than 8 weeks before check-in
  4. Cancellation of Booking
    Firm Policy
    4.1 If the Customer cancels the booking less than 8 weeks before the Start Date (Check-in
    date), the Agency shall be entitled to retain a 100% of the booking.
    4.2 If the Customer cancels the booking by giving more than 8 weeks’ notice, 100% refund
    will be given.
    4.3 If the Customer has not paid the Rent by the date specified in Clause 3.1 the Customer
    will be deemed to have cancelled the booking under Clause [4.1].
    4.4 Should there be a local or national lockdown, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting
    the booking for the booked dates, an alternative date may be arranged or a full refund will be
    Semi-Firm Policy
    If the Customer cancels the booking by giving more than 30days notice, 100% refund will be
    Moderate Policy
    If the Customer cancels the booking by giving more than 14 days’ notice, 100% refund will
    be given.
    Flexible Policy
    If the Customer cancels the booking by giving more than 5 days’ notice, 100% refund will be
    Super- Flexible Policy
    If the Customer cancels the booking by giving more than 1 day’ notice, 100% refund will be
    NOTE: Prices vary based on your cancellation policy chosen upon booking.
    NOTE: Our standard cancellation policy is firm unless otherwise agreed prior booking, in which case the agreed policy will be indicated in your reservation
  5. Agency’s obligations during the Rental Period
    5.1 The Agency agrees that the Customer may quietly possess and enjoy the Property
    during the Rental Period without any interruption from the Agency, the owner or any person
    claiming under or in trust for the owner.
    5.2 The Agency shall provide adequate bed linen and towels at the Property.
  6. Customer’s obligations during the Rental Period
    6.1 The Customer shall only stay in the property for the agreed dates as noted in writing via
    text, Facebook, email, Messenger, WhatsApp, or online travel agent.
    6.2 The Customer shall use the Property in a reasonable and careful manner, not allow it to
    deteriorate and keep it clean and tidy at all times.
    6.3 The Customer shall make good all damage caused to the Property (including the fixtures
    and fittings) or to any other property through:
    6.3.1 any breach of the obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions;
    6.3.2 any improper use by or negligence of the Customer or any person at the Property with
    the Customer’s permission.
    6.4 The Customer shall keep the items in the house clean and in the same condition as at
    the commencement of the Rental Period (fair wear and tear and damage by insured risks
    only excepted) and shall make good or replace with articles of the same sort and equal value
    such as may be lost broken or destroyed (or at the option of the Agency to pay
    compensation to the Agency).
    6.5 The Customer shall not block or otherwise damage the taps, baths, wash basins, toilets,
    cisterns or pipes within or exclusively serving the Property.
    6.6 The Customer shall keep the Property heated to a reasonable level during the winter
    months to prevent damage to the Property or the water pipes drains tanks and other
    plumbing apparatus by cold weather.
    6.7 The Customer shall report to the Agency any damage, destruction, loss, defect or
    disrepair affecting the Property as soon as it comes to the attention of the Customer.
    6.8 The Customer shall place all refuse in the receptacle(s) provided for the Property by the
    Agency, the owner of the Property or any other competent authority.
    6.9 The Customer shall allow the Agency, the owner of the Property or anyone with their
    written authority together with any workmen and necessary appliances to enter the Property
    at reasonable times of the day to inspect its condition and state of repair and to carry out any
    necessary repairs provided the Agency has given reasonable notice (with regard to the work
    to be undertaken) beforehand and the Customer shall not interfere with or obstruct any such
    6.10 The Customer shall in cases of emergency allow the Agency, the owner or anyone with
    their authority to enter the Property at any time and without notice.
    6.11 The Customer shall use the Property as a private residence for a maximum of 6 people
    6.12 If the Customer is a Company you agree that you have completed necessary checks
    which allow its contractors/staff to legally work in the UK.
    6.13 The Customer shall not do anything in the Property which may be a nuisance to or
    cause damage or annoyance to the Agency, the owner of the Property or the tenants or
    occupiers of any adjoining property.
    6.14 The Customer shall not play any musical instrument or other device which can be heard
    outside the Property after 11pm or before 8am.
    6.15 The Customer shall not use the Property for any illegal or immoral purposes.
    6.16 The Customer shall not use the Property in a way which contravenes a restriction
    affecting the freehold (or superior leasehold) title which has been brought to the Customer’s
    6.17 The Customer shall not cause or permit any dangerous or inflammable substance to
    collect in or on the Property apart from those needed for general domestic use.
    6.18 The Customer shall not display any notice or advertisement that is visible from outside
    the Property.
    6.19 The Customer shall not keep any animal or pet on the Property without first obtaining
    the Agency’s written consent and subject to any conditions imposed by the Agency.
    6.20 The Customer shall not smoke inside the Property.
    6.21 The Customer shall comply with any planning conditions affecting the Property which
    have been brought to the Customer’s attention.
    6.22 The Customer shall not assign or sublet the Property or any part of the Property and
    shall not part with possession or share occupation of the Property or any part of it.
    6.23 The Customer shall not permit any person to occupy the Property as a lodger.
    6.24 The Customer shall not alter add to or interfere with the appearance structure exterior
    or interior of the Property or the arrangement of the fixtures furniture and effects.
    6.25 At the end of the Rental Period the Customer shall remove the Customer’s belongings
    from the Property and leave the Property clean and tidy so that the Property is ready for
    immediate re-occupation.
    6.26 The Customer will pay for any damage made at the Property.
  7. Forfeiture
    7.1 If there has been a substantial breach of any of the Customer’s obligations the Agency
    may on behalf of the owner forfeit (i.e. bring to an end) the tenancy that exists in relation to
    the Property and may recover possession of the Property. The other rights and remedies of
    the Agency and the owner will remain in force.
  8. General
    8.1 Any obligation on the Customer in these Terms and Conditions not to do an act or thing
    includes an obligation not to permit or suffer another person to do such act or thing.
    8.2 Whenever there is more than one person comprising the Agency or the Customer their
    obligations may be enforced against all of them jointly and against each of them individually.
    8.3 The Agency and Customer do not intend that the contract between them should be
    enforceable by any person solely by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act
    1999 other than the owner of the Property.
    8.4 An obligation in these Terms and Conditions to pay money includes an obligation to pay
    Value Added Tax in respect of that payment.
    8.5 The contract between the Agency and the Customer shall be governed by the law of
    England and Wales.
    House Rules
    Please note that this is a NO pets’ accommodation, NO unauthorised guests and strictly No
    smoking, No Vaping, No use of recreational drugs allowed at any part of the property
    including the Gardens. No abuse or disrespect of staff/ neighbours. Parking should be on
    Driveway/ on the gravel front Garden, No parties of any sort and No Loud Noise.
    Breach of any house rules can lead to your stay been cancelled without any refund. Any sign
    of smoking, Vaping, use of recreational drugs or pets will lead to an automatic extra cleaning
    fee of up to £500 plus any income loss due to the extended cleaning.
    Please confirm the number of guests staying, that there will be no Pets nor smoking and all
    House Rules will be followed.
    Thanks very much for your custom and we hope you enjoy your stay with us.


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